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To make your website most effective you should have it included in many of the hundreds of search engines that can send you customers from all over the world. But realistically speaking because there are so many search engines that you will spend hundreds of hours first in finding the search engines and second in adding your data.

Of course, the first thing that you want to do is to be sure to add your search engine to Google, Yahoo, Overture and MSN. These search engines will send you the majority of the customers that will come to your website.

But because of the popularity of the search engines and because of the problems that they have with search engine Spam, getting your site properly indexed can be quite difficult. In some cases it can take six months to a year for your site to show in the Google search engine.

The reason that it take so long for your site to show in the Google search engine is because of what is known as the sandbox effect. The Google search engine algorithm seems to apply an aging factor to a site. It gives more credibility to an older site. So if you have a new site you may have to go through an aging process that can take up to a year. Additionally, if you make changes to your website the Google algorithm may put you into the sandbox.

The major search engines are also concerned with the number of links that you have back to your site. Their basic premise is that if you have a site that is worth any thing, people will link to the site. And they also judge the links based on the authority of the site linking to you.

Major websites, also known as authority websites, are visited by the major search engines almost daily. On these visits the major search engines look at all the links from the authority websites to other websites. They follow the links from the authority websites to these other websites and index the pages in these other websites.

You can take advantage of this in a couple ways. First having a link in an authority website is a fast way to have your page indexed in not only the major search engines but also the hundreds of minor search engines that routinely index the pages and the authority websites and the links to other websites.

So the fastest way for you to get index in hundreds of search engines is to have your link in an authority website. The search engines will soon find you and index your website.

Secondly, by having your website links in an authority website you will find that and you can be taken out of the sandbox earlier and that your website will be visible in the general search engine results in Google in a time period much shorter than in normal six months to one year. Because you are linked from an authority website Google thinks that you are important and removes you from the sandbox earlier.

Though we have placed an emphasis on Google in this article, what we have said here applies to the major search changes in general.

So one of the first things that you should do is immediately start to get links from authority websites.

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