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Product Splintering

About product splintering with a free business plan chapter that tells you how to splinter.

If you have not included product splintering in your business plan, you are missing out on sales.

Splintered products are all around you. Everything from chocolate bars to cars are is splintered. And if you are using the web for sales, the best way to get targeted customers, as well as customers in general, is to use product splintering.

It is particularly important in the internet because the search engines love splintering. The search engines want relevant, targeted materials that give a customer exactly what they want. And that is what product splintering does.

If you currently have a business on line, product splintering may be best for you to make your site more attractive to the search engines. Product splintering also gives you the opportunity to set up specialty sites that will drive traffic to your main site.



The mini business concept is really another facet of product splintering. Starting with splintered mini businesses is often the best way to start earning money on the web.

Splintering is easy. But there are a few tricks and techniques to consider.

Here is a free white paper on product splintering. In fact, it is really a free business plan chapter. It is in .pdf format. Just click on the link and save the paper on your computer.

Once you save it, print it and put it in a loose leaf notebook with your other marketing materials.

To get your free business plan chapter that will show you how others have increased sales using splintering and how you can do it, click on Chamber On Splintering