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Start Your Home Business By Building Your Foundation

Your home business is only as strong as its foundation. So build your business from the bottom up and not the top down. Start your home business with a solid base.

The base is your business plan. In that business plan you will have a section that sets your core business and, by extension, your product line. You will have an advertising marketing section. And there will be a technical section.

This tutorial gives you some food for thought on technical matters.

There are several technical issues that you should address immediately and once and for all.

The first is your email address and future web site host. You must address this for two immediate reasons. The first is to take control of your communications flow and the second is for image. I will discuss both of them.

By taking control of your communications flow, I mean that you use a service that does not filter your email and prevent you from receiving commercial mail.

Some big name email service providers have filters on their systems that censor your mail. THEY decide what mail you can receive and what mail you cannot receive. And when they censor an email to you, they do not tell you that they rejected your mail. Such big name providers, include AOL, Comcast, Hotmail and Yahoo.

How does that affect you? Here is an actual message from one of our customers who was trying to get an updated price list from one of our autoresponders.

"We tried using the GetResponse autoresponder to get a price list but the e-mail is being blocked by Comcast. Any suggestions? Greg"

In many cases a price list will be blocked because it contains the words discount, order, money or other words used in commercial transactions. And in other cases, the fact that something is coming from an autoresponder may cause the message to be blocked. For more details you can read the information at Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail Users.

My suggestions to Greg and to you are as follows:

Spam is a bother, no doubt. And the big name email service providers are trying to protect you. Instead of having Big Brother do it for you, do it yourself. Get a spam blocker that you control. Use an email reader like the paid version of the Eurdora email program that filters mail as you wish, or get a spam blocker that you control such as the one at this link. The second step lays to rest the issue of image ( do read the important information at Your Image On The Internet ) and gives you control.

Register a company name and get a commercial web hosting service that gives you those things that you need to run a business. You have probably already named your business. If not, it is time to start thinking about it in the context of your domain.

When you register your domain you can have your email address in the form of "" . And you can have many email address and aliases . And you have control.

To check if your company name is available, look here. Here is a free search box to check if your name is available. To search, go to this link and enter the company names that you think might be good. How To Register Your Company And Business Name

Now that you have a company name, you have to have an internet service provider that will make it available on the internet. That internet provider will also give you a place to put your web site.

Here are sojme internet service providers to consider. Web Hosts

Once you get set up you are probably going to want a web site of one form or another that you can use for your store.

If you want your own store or website, you are going to need a way of taking payment. Credit cards are essential. And a commercial PayPal account will help.

We use, and recommend strongly, the credit card processor 2Checkout. They service us very well. Their support is prompt and professional. Their fees are fair and they disburse funds promptly. We have used them for years. You can see information about 2Checkout at this link. 2 Checkout

PayPal is almost a necessity. And we use it for some applications. But a word of caution about them is in order. They are as arbitrary as arbitrary can be. And communicating with them when you have a problem is frustrating. We no longer use them to take payment for big orders or high priced items. But you will need it. Get a commercial PayPal account at this link. PayPal

I add as a word to the wise. In many cases we only take check or money orders.

Now let me make some comments about your store.

Put your store where the people are. Don't waste a lot of time trying to find traffic. Get traffic where it is rather than trying to find it. And you can find that at Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. Using one of their stores makes you a lot of money fast.

Here is a summary of good stores, We use an Amazon Store, Yahoo Store and Our Own Store.

Yahoo Store - Millions of people per day come to Yahoo. It is a place to be. Yahoo Store Tips

eBay Store - Millions of people come to eBAy per day. In fact many use it as a search engine. eBay Store

Complete System - Many people swear by this system. It gets you superb search engine position and a lot of business. Site Build It