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Business Communications With This Chamber

How To Ensure That We Can Properly Communicate With You

You have asked this Chamber for information. We ask that you help us ensure that the information that we send you does in fact get to you.

To do that we ask that you provide us an email address that can be relied on for business communications.

Email services such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo and many other public systems are not good for business. They have have filters that divert and do not deliver all business email. Often mail is returned to us because mailboxes get full. See Email Filtered

We ask that you return to us an email using your company domain name so that we can use that address for communications.

You are in business, or are about to go into business, so you are sure to have a website or blog over a domain or your company name.

So if you have written us, for example, with an email address that looks like "" please send us email over an address that looks like " .

If you do not have a domain name or internet company name, please read Web Presence Definition.

We hope that you send us a new email address as soon as possible so that we can be sure to provide you good service.