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For our main business phone we use Skype because it offers us some very useful tools. And it is cheap. Based on our experience, here is a discussion of Skype and some recommendations for your business phone number.

You can make calls free to anyone else who uses Skype. And people can call you free. All that you have to do is download the free Skype telephone program and publish your Skype ID. (Ours is polcham.) We get calls from all over the world from people who would likely as not have called us if they would have had to pay for an international or long distance call.

Business Phone

A nice little thing that comes along with it is the instant message and chat feature. It is amazing how many people contact us that way. Our staff use the chat feature all day long with clients.

Even though we can make free phone calls, we find that it is more convenient for us to make outgoing calls using our Skype Out service. With it we can call any regular phone number anywhere in the world. And at very low rates.

For example, we call from Poland to the United States for less than 3 cents per minute. And when we are in the United States, we can call back to Poland at the same 3 cents per minute rate.

When you use Skype Out you can add accounts for your employees. It allows you to control your phone costs. And for an organization such as ours that makes many phone calls per day, the money Skype saves us is incredible.

We then use another service called Skype In. It allows us to set up a local phone number in other countries which number can be used by people to call us wherever we are. And they only pay the cost from their location to our local phone number.

By way of illustration, our number in the United States is 508 471 4462. It is in Webster, Massachusetts.

If you call that number, you pay only for the call to Webster. But when you do call, the phone rings on my computer wherever I am. I could be in an airport waiting room, on a train or in my office. You will not know where I am unless I tell you. Most people think they are talking to me in Webster even though I am most often in Warsaw.

Skype In also comes with free Voice Mail. That is very convenient for any business. One call from a customer can be worth a lot of money. You just cannot afford to lose calls.

If you going to set up a business, or have one now we recommend the following.

Download and install the free Skype program. Skype Free Telephone Calls

Publish your free Skype ID on your web page, business cards, brochures and anything else that you publish.

Subscribe for the Skype In Service. Doing that will give you a dedicated business telephone with voice mail. And if you want to target certain markets, you can set up local phones in each of those regions. Here is information about Skype In

Subscribe for Skype Out. The money you can save is incredible. For information about Skype Out, go here. Skype Out

If you have questions or want to test the system, my Skype In number is 508 471 4462. Give me a call.

And if you have just installed the free Skype and want to test it, my Skype ID is polcham. Call me or send me an instant message.

I hope that this Business Phone Number page helps.

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