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Get free business plans and business planning help here to start making money this week.

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Simple business plans are plans that go a long way toward making a business survive. In fact, they are really the key to survival.

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Most people avoid writing them because they can be tedious. This page gives you some help in writing your plan and adds a few words about some additional business planning considerations.

To save you time, you are invited to read the information about a Business Planning Guide that adds essential information about selling on the web. This is very important because most business planning guides that you find focus on offline operations and finding bank financing. If you are going to start an ecommerce store or otherwise sell on the web, you have to approach your business plan differently.

The main difference is in completing the market research and marketing sections. These are critical sections. Read more about that here. Business Planning Guide

And here is an additional consideration that applies to all plans. Your business plan should not only tell you how your business should make you money if it goes as planned, but your business plan should also have a back door for you. There are very likely to be unexpected things that will occur for which you did not plan. A death. An injury. A lawsuit. A car accident. Losing money due to being defrauded by a buyer or seller. They lead to business plan failure.

These are all things that can happen to you. So your business plan should include a plan for what you will do if everything goes to pot and your business starts down the slippery slope to failure.

On the other side of the coin, your business plan should tell you if you have the possibility of surviving the two years that it typically takes a business to start earning money. Starting a business is not easy. And if you are going to set up a web site to sell on the web, you are going to have to prepare to work long and hard before you make money. So you should think this through and include it in your plan.

Business plans are generally not written by people who start small businesses. They unnecessarily lurch from problem to problem, many of which could have been avoided by some simple planning.

And most people do not write business plans because of analysis paralysis. They are either afraid of the work or they simply do not know how to write one. They have never seen one and do not know how to get started.

So rather than planning, new business owners race off working more on passion and faith rather than working through a step by step, written business plan. Often they spend their money on the wrong things first. And in many cases because they did not set their priorities correctly, they never get out of startup.

It is amazing to see how many people shocked, after they have set up a web site and after they have paid to set up a company and more that they can't make a profit on the products that they want to sell. And it is also amazing to see that they don't understand why they are not getting visitors from the search engines. And they have no idea about how much advertising and promotion they must do. These things should have shown up in their business plan and they should have planned around them.