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Business Planning Guide

This page gives you access to a business plannning guide and financial forecast example for your business plan.

Doing a business plan is boring - to say the least. But it is absolutely essential.

You have to plan how you are going to get customers to your door and how you are then going to convince them to buy from you.

If you are going to have an offline shop, you follow one process for planning your business.

If you are going to sell on eBay or through an ecommerce store, you follow another process.

Business planning guides that you find available most often focus on planning for an offline business. Those guides do not cover topics that are stricly related to the web.

In short, business plans for the web are different than business plans for offline business. So the guides you use to make them should be different.




We offer you three things.

Business Planning Guide

This is a planning guide for an offline business.

Financial Analysis

This is a break even analysis that everyone should use.

Web Business Planning Guide

This is a business planning guide for web businesses.