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Dealing With Business Customers

As you move forward in business you will find how prevalent buyer fraud is on the internet. And you will learn how people present false images to waste your time.

There is a lot in this page that will help you save time and money.

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Taking Credit Cards

Credit card fraud can put you out of business very quickly.

You have to protect yourself from it.

Use a professional service to process your credit cards. Let them fight the problem for you. It costs you a little bit on each sale, but it sure is comfortable to have a professional go through the verification process and send you a notice that tells you that the credit card is probably good.

Here is the service that we use. 2 Checkout



Other Indications Of Fraud, Time Wasters and Deceivers

If you are working with a supposed business buyer, you will have to learn how to separate time wasters from serious buyers.

Serious buyers, and buyers who are less likely to defraud you, use an email address that includes a company name.

They write you with an email address that looks like this.

That tells you a lot. It tells you that you are dealing with a committed organization that is fixed in space and has at least enough money to pay for domain name and, probably, a web site.

And you can quickly check out their company by typing into your web browser window ( Can someone do that with your email address? )

Compare that to an email address that looks like

That also tells you a lot.

Unless there is some information in the email that takes you to a website that confirms that they are actually in business, or some other comforting information, it tells you to watch out.

The business either does not exist or is not strong enough to be able to afford a monthly payment of less than $10 to support an email address and web site. That is not a harsh judgment. Look at how cheap it is to have a company email address and website by going here. Web Hosts

You have received email from an amateur who will probably do little more than waste your time.

If it is from a real business, the business has no concern for its image. And a business not concerned about its image may not be one you want to deal with. See Your Image On The Internet

You will probably have problems communicating with them because they will probably not receive all your email. See Free Email Censoring

The business is a moving target that may not want you to know its real location.

And be careful about how you get paid. Credit card processing companies tell you that the first indication of possible credit card fraud is the use of a free email service. Even money orders may not be good from these people.

Special Note On This Point

Email users who do not use a company name in their email often refuse to believe that they are the problem when they do not get email from you. They believe that you are lying when you tell them you wrote them and that their email system probably filtered the message. Many of them get very nasty.

For them it is an emotional issue and they refuse to listen.

And they think that they are special exceptions. They are better than everyone else and think the rules do not apply to them.

Because our experience shows that in the long run, such people are nothing but continuing problems, we quickly terminate relationships with them. You may or may not consider taking our experience into making your own decision.

Internet And The Yellow Pages

Having a web site is like having a yellow pages listing. It gives the listing company credibility. It shows that it exists. It gives comfort.

All that is needed to start is a single page with contact information. It is nothing more than a basic business card on the internet.

If a company does not have at least a single page on the internet, it is not ready for business.

Even if it is in startup, it can have a single page.

How Does This Apply To You?

Use a credit card processor. There are many. We use 2 Checkout

Use caution when taking payment of any form from anyone using an email address without a company name.

Weed out the time wasters and deceivers by asking probing questions to test their credibility.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable, decline to do business with them. Don't walk away from them. Save time and money. RUN!

And look in the mirror. If you do not have an email with a company name, here are some web hosts where you can get set up. Web Hosts. And there ar thousands of others.