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Why You May Not Have Received Email

Many times addressees do not receive emails. If you may not be receiving emails, or your addressee is not, this information should provide you some help.

If you use Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and some other personal email services, you do not always get your mail.

That is because your mail is filtered. Depending on the service, it does not always get to you.

Some email providers use something like Spam Assassin. Spam Assassin There are other systems also used by some.

These systems look for certain words and phrases in an email, and if they are there so that the program thinks the message is spam, by their definition, the mail is filtered.

If someone sends you a commercial message, often it contains words that will trigger the filter and you will not get the message. And sometimes even the address of the sender will trigger a filter.

If you are involved in any commercial transaction at all, mail sent to you is likely to be filtered.

For example:

If you buy something on the web and someone responds to you, you may not get the mail if the words in the response use some commercial words NORMALLY USED IN BUSINESS.

If you subscribe to email news services, or tutorials, or update services, you may not get either confirmation letters or all the materials.

If you are sent personal messages with that contain the wrong words, you may not get them.


Take control of your email. Get an email account that allows you to set your own filters.

If you are in business, it is critical that you get all your mail. Sometimes what filters think is spam is IMPORTANT to you. You have to set up your own filters and review all the mail every so often. Your first step is to use an email account with your own domain. Generally companies that host domains for companies allow you to set your own filters. Here are some good ones. Web Hosts There are many more.

And if you choose to use a free email service, just be ready to not get all your mail.

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