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You May Not Be Getting Mail From One Of Our Associates

Please read this information about not getting email.

You have been sent to this page because you have been have been communicating with an email account such as gmail, hotmail, AOL, yahoo or another public account.

That is why you may not be getting all the mail.

These systems do not deliver to you all the mail that is sent to you.

And of most concern, if you are doing any business with them, these systems do not deliver to you all commercial mail.

These systems do not deliver to you email with words or word strings that they have on their ban list. These words are often normally used commercial word strings.

These systems do not deliver to you email from certain widely used commercial autoresponse systems such at getresponse.

To Solve Your Problem

If you are going to do business on the internet, you will need a company name.

Get your company name now and use email with your company name.

And if you are in business, be sure that you read all your mail. Set your filters so you can reduce your time with spam, but set them so that you have the option to read all your mail.

Here is a link to some companies that will help you. There are hundreds of others.

They give you a free company name.

They are very low cost.

They have many extra features that you will use in business.

Web Hosts


This message was not sent to you by email because it might not be delivered to you. It contains banned words.

And you have to be honest with yourself. If you cannot afford $7.95 per month for a domain name, web hosting and email, you cannot afford to start a business on the internet.

In short, you are at a decision point. You have to be able to receive your mail to succeed.