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This is the Business Information Library for Independent Agents, Wholesalers and Small Home Businesses. In this page you will find materials that are helpful to Independent Agents and Wholesalers and are good for operating small businesses that wish to expand and for small businesses that wish to start up.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Wholesale - Wholesalers make more money easier and faster. And here are 10 reasons why.

Using Shelved Cost To Price Products - It is the shelved cost of a product that is the important cost to consider in both buying and selling situations.

How To Build Your Own eBay And Craigslist Sales force - Let others do the work for you. You provide the product and they provide the time and effort to sell it.

How To Get Free Advertising By Using craigslist - If you are involved in a home business or selling on the web you should consider using craigslist to get free advertising. Also use it as and alternative to eBay because it is free and you avoid the eBay fees.

eBay May Not Be The Way - To many people, eBay is a search engine.

Drop Shipping On A Budget

Post A Phone Number To Increase Sales - Learn how to do it incredibly cheap.

Sell More By Concentrating On Local Sales - Your greatest potential for sales is to your local market.

Setting Up Your Web site - Before you waste a lot of money, go here and see what options you have.

Set Up And Online Store Save time and money. The fastest and lowest cost way to start is to rent a store.

Why you should use Skype in Business. - Skype helps you increase your sales.

You can make a full-time living by posting to Yahoo Groups. - The process is very simple and requires very little effort on your part.

How much is the shipping? - Before you ask this question, be sure to read this material.

Reference Material For Importers and Exporters - It's what you don't know that you don't know that will hurt you.