The Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online

Supply eBay Sellers

By supplying ebay sellers you can build an online sales force.

Build your own eBay and craigslist sales force.

Let others do the work for you. You provide the product and they provide the time and effort to sell it.

The concept is simple. You provide product to people who want to sell on eBay and the other free advertising services. They sell it, buy it from you and you send it to the buyer.

The sellers can be your children or other family members, neighbors, business associates and anyone else you might think of.

You give them a picture and description and a price that you want for the item.

They sell it for whatever they can get and keep the profits.


How To Set This Business Up

Pick something unique and attractive like Crystal or Glass that is attractive as wedding gifts or as a collectors item.

Get a small inventory at wholesale prices. You may have to invest a few hundred dollars to get wholesale prices.

So that you do not have the same piece sold by different people, assign each item to a distinct seller.

Let the people make their own descriptions. It is best to let them see, touch and feel the piece.

Have them advertise on craigslist, kijiji and topix. They are totally free.

And to get some background information on advertising, Look at How To Get Free Advertising By Using craigslist

If they wish to sell on eBay, expect that they will pay the fees. Encourage them to work the three free services listed above free.

Once they get a customer, they will likely make repeat sales or the customer may come directly to you. Be sure to pay the seller a fair commission if the buyer comes directly to you.

Here are good products. They are listed in the order that you should consider them.

Polish Pottery

Hand Painted Glass - The desert sets are very popular and are priced high enough that everyone can make good money.

Polish Pottery - Get tea sets and make up sets of dishes. Polish pottery cats sell very well.

Salt Lamps - Get some of the small to medium sized pieces. They move best.