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Why you should use Skype in Business.

Skype helps you increase your sales.

If you make it convenient and free for your customers to call you, your sales increase.

If you use the telephone to call customers, your sales increase.

You can make free telephone calls with Skype.

Your customers can call you free.

Skype makes it VERY CHEAP to use the telephone.

You can set up a special incoming telephone number with voice mail VERY CHEAP.

You can make international telephone calls VERY CHEAP.


First install the free Skype computer to computer system and publish your Skype Identifier on your web site, brochures, business card and so forth.

Then choose the Skype Out option that allows you to call any telephone number in the world. When you look at the rates you will understand why.

Then set up a Skype In telephone with voicemail.

Here is a link to a page that tells you how to do everything just recommended. How To Set Up Skype

And here is the link to at least start with the free system. Skype

If you have questions, you can call me on my Skype telephone with free voicemail. I am in Warsaw, Poland but you call me via my phone number in Webster, Massachusetts. You pay only the cost of the call to Webster, Massachusetts but talk to me in Warsaw. So you make an international phone call and only pay for a call from your location to Webster, Massachusetts. The number to call in Webster is 508 471 4462

If I am not available, just leave a voice message. I will call you back on your telephone from Warsaw. It will cost me about 2 cents per minute to make an international phone call.

And if you have Skype installed but want more information, my Skype ID is polcham. You can call me free.

Now I hope you understand why I use Skype for business and recommend that you do. And here is more on how to use Skype effectively.