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Why To Sell Wholesale

Top 10 reasons you should sell wholesale instead of retail.

Wholesalers make more money easier and faster. And here are 10 reasons why.

The largest market in the world is the American small business. - Customers are all around you. Shops, retailers, home party consultant, flea market traders, web site owners, eBay sellers. They all need something to sell.

Business clients are regular buyers - Once you establish a small business as your client, you are, if you provide them good service and good product you will have a client that will make multiple purchases from you.

You do not have to maintain inventory. - Take orders and get the product shipped from the warehouse or factory.

Drop Shipping On A Budget

Your costs of client acquisition are low. - You do not have to do heavy advertising or traveling. You can find businesses that will be interested in your products in phone books, on the web and everywhere you travel. It is just a matter of contacting them by phone or letter to get the relationship started.

Your profit per client is higher. - Businesses are multiple buyers.

You can have less competition. - Everyone wants to sell on eBay or from a web site and they ignore the obvious. Let them do it and compete with each other. You contact some bricks and mortar busineses and make money while they spend a lot of low profit generating time.

You can work from your home computer. - You do not need a shop or office. You can work from a laptop computer.

You don't need an expensive web site. - Websites are for people coming to you. Because you will be contacting people by phone, personally or by email, there no need to have more than a business card type website.

Complaints are minimal - When you start selling on the web you will learn that not all nuts are in the trees. No matter what you do you will get complaints. But in dealing with business customers, your complaints are minimal as compared to the number you will get from retail buyers.

You avoid internet fraud. - Buyer fraud, and not seller fraud, is the major problem on the internet. Buyer fraud is usually associated with retail buyers. As a wholesaler you will naturally check your customers and should have very few problems with buyer fraud.

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