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How To Make Money With Your Website

Key to success on the web is to fully use the potential of your web site. It can be much more than a glorified business card if you use it correctly.

Here is a list of the most important things that you can do to increase your income from your web site.

Above all, use your web site to build a customer list. The most successful businesses on the web build customer lists. Everything else is secondary to that.

In any case, here is some detailed information.

Build Mailing List

You are likely to see visitors to your website only once. And if they visit you only once, it is not very likely that you will sell them anything. But if you capture their e-mail address so that you can send them special offers, coupons, free tutorials, news services, or any other information, you will be able to stay in front of them and bring them back to your website. Your sales will increase.

If you look at our Chamber of Commerce website you see that we have a whole section on free tutorials. We also have news services. And we have the trade board. Each of these captures an e-mail address.

Why do we do this? Because surveys show that email is the BEST way to maintain customer contact and build customer loyalty. People who subscribe for email services LIKE IT and PREFER it for information.

If you are going to do this you should really use and autoresponder. We use an autoresponder service that is very low cost and provides us excellent service. It has anti spam features that 1) requires people to confirm that they want to get email from us, 2) prompts them that they can unsubscribe immediately and permanently at any time, 3) keeps their email address totally secure, 4) uses an internal spam checker.

It's something that you should consider. You can find information at this link. Email Autoresponder

If you are not sure how one works, go to the bottom of this page and subscribe to one of the tutorials for a test. You can opt out at any time once you see how it works.

Give Away Coupons

Use discount coupons to bring people back to your site. Make the discount coupons transferable so that the people can send them to friends and family as well as using themselves. You can have the people download the discount coupon directly from your site or you can have them give you e-mail contact information at the same time that they subscribe for your coupon. And you can link that into an autoresponder that will send them a new coupon every month along with your other offers. Email Autoresponder

Make Monthly Special Offers

It is important that you create a customer relationship with your visitors in order to bring them back. By providing special offers for deeply discounted products or services you can make the first sale to the customer and establish trust with that customer. You don't necessarily have to use a loss leader. But you should give a big enough discount to get people's attention. And once again tie this to an autoresponder so you can send people special offers every month and keep them coming back to your site. Email Autoresponder

Affiliate Program

Set up your own affiliate program so that you have people all over the world selling for you. Look at what Amazon did with an affiliate program. It was Amazon that first conceived of the idea of an affiliate program to pay other people to sell their products. Today savvy Internet marketers recognize that an affiliate program is a key to success.

Setting up an affiliate program can be extremely expensive unless you go to the right corners.


If you are involved in drop shipping, the Yahoo e-commerce services provides a good e-commerce store that includes a free affiliate program. This is highly recommended. You can find information about a Yahoo store at this link. About A Yahoo Store.

Add Dating Link

If you go to most major news sites or other web portals you will find a link to some form of dating service. Online dating is a fact of life. You can arrange dates between seniors, churchgoers, and people of different ethnic origins and lifestyles. You should be able to find some form of dating that will fit your website.

Free Advertising

You may have a perfectly adequate site that can sell but you may lack that one thing that causes most web businesses to fail. That is enough customers.

You have to advertise.

You do not have to spend a lot of money. There is a lot that you can do for free.