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How To Buy Amber And Silver Jewelry Wholesale

How you buy amber for your business depends on how much you buy at a time. It also depends on whether you are willing to visit the amber suppliers in Poland or not.

First here are some background comments.

Factories generally require a minimum order of one kilogram of product. Some factories do not take orders for less than 3 kilograms.

And since the low end prices to you for amber and silver jewelry are typically 1 Euro per gram, your minimum investment will be at least 1,000 Euro plus shipping and export/import costs.

Natural Baltic Amber jewelry, without silver, can be purchased for about .5 Euro per gram plus shipping and export/import costs. Information about that is at About Polish Natural Baltic Amber

If you are going to order large quantities of amber, you may wish to visit the manufacturers to satisfy yourself and to create a personal relationship. You can get assistance with doing that at Personal Amber Buying Trips Arranged. But first be sure to understand the costs versus benefits. You are advised to review the information at Buying Trip To Poland

As an alternative to visiting the factories, you many use an amber buying service.

You may also simply wish to contact the amber factories directly. Many of them are listed in the internet search engines.

Amber and silver jewelry is generally sold by weight and quoted as the cost per gram. Individual pieces of amber and silver jewelry are listed with an approximate weight in amber catalogs. The weights shown are typically within 10% of the final weight but sometimes as much as 15% different. The final price for your order will be quoted at the time the order is assembled and weighed. So your final price for an order will be adjusted down or up, according to the final weight.

When buying amber, you have to be careful about buying based on price. There is a lot of counterfeit amber on the market. You can see information about that at Lawsuits Over Counterfeit Amber

There are many styles of amber and silver jewelry made by many different factories. When asking for a price quotation it is best to specify the type jewelry you want to buy. You will find that there are many amber artists that do not have web sites and have excellent products that they sell by direct marketing around Poland and Europe. They exist on satisfied customers and referrals. If you specify what you want, you may get access to some of these products.

Additional hints about starting a jewelry business are at Start An Amber Business

And Amber and Silver Jewelry catalogs are at Catalogs.

We recommend strongly, because it combines safety and cost efficiency, that you get the catalogs and use the Amber Buying Service.

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