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How To Buy Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Factory Direct

Anyone can buy pottery directly from Poland at wholesale prices. You do not have to be in business. All that you have to do is meet the order minimums.

polish pottery selections
Polish Pottery Selections

Pottery Factory Order Minimums

All factories have order minimums. Why? The factory has to produce the pieces in large numbers. They have to cast the pieces and then have a painter set up to paint the patterns. To make a profit they must make large numbers at any one time.

You have two ways to approach this. If you can meet the factory minimum, you can order directly from the factory. If you cannot, you order through a jobber who collects a group of orders and places the order with the factory for you.

By working with a jobber, you can avoid the factory minimum and still get excellent prices from Poland.


What Factories Will Serve You

Some factories that make Polish pottery have exclusive distributor agreements. That means that they have agreed to not sell their pottery to anyone except for the distributor who has been assigned a region.

So if you are in a region that has an exclusive distributor, you cannot buy pottery from the factory. You must buy it from the distributor and at the price set by the distributor.

There are three factories that are particularly flexible and you can order either direct or through a jobber. They do not have exclusive sales agreements with anyone so you can be comfortable in working with them. Information about that is at Wholesale Products Poland


Buying Small Amounts Of Polish Pottery At A Time

It is not practical to buy small amounts of pottery at a time. Because of the costs of shipping, any order that is less than one euro pallet load - about 1.5 to 2 cubic meters volume - is not cost effective for you.

See Notes On Shipping

See Shipping Small Amounts



Traveling To Boleslawiec To Buy

Whether it pays you to travel to Boleslawiec or not is a question only you can answer.

Generally, unless you are going to meet with a factory representative to buy more than the factory minimum on a regular basis, it does not pay.

Add up the costs of the trip and your time. You will find that you can order a lot of pottery that you can sell at a profit instead of spending money on travel.

But then you may just want to do it to go to Boleslawiec. If that is the case fine.

Just realize that it does not make economic sense unless you are going to buy a lot and often.

Information about getting to Boleslawiec is at this link. Travel To Boleslawiec


About The Pottery Business

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