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Buying Amber And Silver Jewelry

There are different categories of Polish amber and silver jewelry. And within the different categories there are many styles. Within the styles, there are many individual pieces. So buying it can be a daunting task.

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First it is important to understand what is sold as amber. There is natural baltic amber and colored synthetic resins. Natural baltic amber is the just that. It is a natural product. Colored resins are simply a colored synthetic that sometimes have some natural baltic amber chips included. You can see pictures of each when you click here.

Most consumers who see the colored resin think it is the natural products. They do not know it is a synthetic. It is a cheap imitation that is often sold at very high prices to the unsuspecting. It is often included in low priced, production jewelry so in order to reduce the price of the jewelry.

Quality, unique pieces from Poland use pure, natural products just as they come from the mines.

Amber Catalogs

Here is a quicklink to amber catalogs. Amber Catalogs

Cast Jewelry

The lowest cost jewelry is made by casting silver in forms and then inserting amber. This is a product that can be made quickly and repetitively. It is a high turnover item that is sold to the mass market.

The price of this jewelry depends on many things. They include the ratio of silver to amber, the quality of the hasps, the quality of the silver, the quality of the joining of the stone to the silver, and whether you get natural Baltic amber or a resins

There is big market for these products.

They are made in the Far East and sometimes in North America. In many cases they passed off as of Polish origin. Even though the prices for these foreign made products is often very much lower than the prices for Polish production, Polish producers sell their products at higher prices to customers who come to know the Polish factories for quality and reliability and authenticity of the stones used.


Hand Made Pieces

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Unique, hand made pieces are created around a particular stone. They are generally larger than the production pieces and show Polish creativity at its best. Every piece is one of a kind. It cannot be reproduced because nature has not made two pieces of amber that are the same. These are priced by the piece. Sometimes a manufacturer, will however, price a batch by the gram, even though each piece is different. It makes it easy for the manufacturer to sell to its regular customers.


Designer Jewelry


Then there is the designer jewelry. It is high end, unique and sometimes kept for only special customers. The artists are very sensitive to people in the Far East making counterfeit copies of their works so they only sell at private showings. And even then, a showing is made only to approved buyers.

The Gold Of The Sea

Natural Baltic amber, without any silver at all, is popular. When buying this one must be sure that one is getting the real thing and not the cheap amber resins so often seen in the markets. The authentic stones are not clear brandy color. They are white, yellow, brandy, cherry, gray and so on. The stones are NATURAL. If you see something clear, it is probably not natural. Think about it, would you think that a pine tree resin that has been buried for millions of years would be clear? Of course not!

Natural Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets are very fast movers. No two are ever the same. Stones may be put into many similar forms, but each stone is natural and each stone is different. Wholesale prices start when you buy 1 kilogram of product. If you buy 10 kilogram you can expect lower prices that if you buy 1 kilogram. You can see Natural Baltic Amber Here.



The prices vary with the cost of amber and the cost of silver. Since amber is more expensive than silver, pieces with higher amber content are more expensive.

You can get pictures of cast jewelry because it is made in forms that are always the same. But even in this case the designs change constantly so there are many products that are on the market without pictures. There is a separate page that talks only about the price of amber. It is at What Is The Price

In all, be sure to make informed decisions. If you are going to invest a lot of time in a business selling a product, visit the factory and see the product. Know from whom you are buying. Know what is out there. Know what is available. You can get assistance in visiting factories at Amber Buying Trip

In all, the amber and silver jewelry business is on built on personal relationships between artists and wholesalers. They will work with you as best they can. That is how they build their reputations.


Getting Started

If you are just starting a business, go to Hints On Starting An Amber Business You may use this form to get more information. Please go here. Polish Product Information Center

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