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Horse Drawn Carriages

Horse Drawn Carriage Pony Wagonet

The horse drawn carriages, hand made, in Poland are some of the most well made and beautiful in the world. They are appreciated by horse carriage enthusiasts everywhere.

Through this page you may buy them singly or you may request to be a local distributor.

Because of the nature of the carriage manufacturing and export business, all services are personal.

Carriages are handmade. And because they are, production is limited.

Carriage production in Poland has a long tradition for quality. Family owned businesses that have been in the carriage trade for generations dominate the market. Their reputations are impeccable and those reputations keep them busy through a constant stream of referrals.



They are suitable for leisure, recreational and commercial use.

There are several hundred models of carts, wagons, and carriages available from different manufacturers.

Though most of the manufacturers speak at least English, because they generally attend exhibitions and events all over the world, some speak only Polish. This Chamber can provide you assistance should you so desire.

For complete information and help with anything related to the horse supply industry in Poland, please go to our information center and tell us what your requirements are. Poland Chamber Free Help And Information Service