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Polish Pottery Ceramic Lamps

Ceramic Lamps and Polish pottery lamps from Boleslawiec Poland.

This page has information about ceramic lamps that are decorated so that they enhance a Polish pottery collection.

These Polish Pottery Ceramic lamps are available in stamped and painted patterns.

The patterns are typical of the most popular Boleslawiec Polish pottery patterns. Other patterns are available on special order.

These ceramic lamps are available wholesale only and factory minimums apply.

Because of the shipping costs involved in Polish pottery, you have an interesting business opportunity presented to you. It is just a matter of ordering a few pallets of these lamps and then wholesaling them to other Polish pottery sellers who do not want to take this step of ordering a large number of lamps to hold down the shipping costs.

See the information about master distribution at this link. Master Distribution


Below are a selection of pictures of Polish pottery lamps that you can use to understand what you can get when ordering these lamps. These are the standard patterns.

Do also note that you can have special patterns made but there will be order minimums.

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