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Ceramika Artystyczna GD

Hand Decorated Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

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Polish Pottery
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Ceramika Artystyczna is Polish for Ceramic Art. Poland is famous for its Ceramika Artystycnna. There are many factories that produce Ceramika Artystyczna in many forms and many decorations. The popularity of different forms of Ceramika Artystcyzna varies from country to country. For example, in Europe vases and flower pots are very popular. In Poland, Polish pottery is not popular, whereas in the United States it is extremely popular. Almost all Polish pottery manufactured by some factories in Poland is made to support the export and tourist markets. Polish Ceramika Artystyczna is sold in Germany as Bunzlau Pottery and the same products are sold to the American markets as Boleslawiec Polish Pottery.

The popular pottery from Boleslawiec, Poland is the offspring of German pottery. When the borders of Poland were shifted and the City Of Bunzlau, Germany became the city of Boleslawiec, Poland. The German pottery factories there continued under new Polish management. And the business survived until the US Military in Germany discovered it and popularized it. The market demand from the United States resulted in new Ceramika Artystyczna Pottery factories coming on line. And as market demand continues for the pottery, as well as the flower vases and everything else, more factories are stepping into the void to supply demand.


Pottery And Other Ceramika Artystyczna

The pottery made by this factory is made by an old line ceramics firm that has been supplying unique Polish pottery to select clients in Germany and the UK. It has now opened its offering to US distribution. It is very high quality and market tests show American tourists tend to buy it rather than the traditional patterns that "everyone else has" If you are a distributor, you may have your own unique designs created for your exclusive use only. Distribution opportunities are available.






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