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Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza

wiza pottery collection

Polish pottery by the factory Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza is shown in the pictures below. Wiza is one of the more popular producers of Polish pottery because of the quality of its product and its reputation for reliable service. The pottery itself is, of course, beautiful.

The factory is located about 13 km West of Boleslawiec, Poland in a village called Parowa.

Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza, makes traditional, hand stamped stoneware using the old familiar patterns supplemented by its own unique collection of artwork.

Though made in the old traditional way, because of the modern glazes and firing techniques, the pottery is flame proof and microwave safe. The pigments are lead free and ecologically safe.

This is a very popular pottery and it fits well in any collection.

Consider it for kiosk and outdoor tourist area market sales.

The Wiza factory is top on product and top on service.

Getting to the Wiza factory is easy once you get to Boleslawiec. The region is small and the taxi cabs are full aware of where all the factories are. Here is a link to directions to Boleslawiec.

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