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About Christmas Ornament Catalogs.

Polish Christmas ornament companies generally do not have printed Christmas ornament catalogs. Though a few, and emphasis is on few, might, most post information online and work personally with their clients as to the client's needs.

If you buy at least a pallet load of Christmas ornaments from any one manufacturer at a time, you may get a digital Christmas Ornament Catalog from a manufacturer.

If you buy less than a pallet load of ornaments at a time, you will probably be limited to working from online offers.

The companies will, of course, personally help you through the online offers. But to get help you must show that you have a business. To do that you must show a web site and communicate by email using an address over your own domain name. ( In this light, read the information about looking professional )

How To Get Online Christmas Ornament Catalog Information

First decide on what type ornaments you want. Do you want forms, figures, balls, eggs, custom painted, corporate and employee gifts.

Then decide on how many you will order at a time.

If you order less than a pallet load, a company that will work with you is listed at this link. Handmade Polish Christmas Ornaments

If you are interested in custom ornaments, go to this link. Personalized Custom Christmas Ornaments

If you order more than a pallet load at a time, send us email with as much detail as to what you would like and we will make some recommendations and put you in contact with appropriate factory representatives. Be sure to include your web site address and send email over your domain name. ( Once again, read the information about looking professional ) Send the details by using our contact form