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Christmas Ornament Procurement

christmas ornament display

This page discusses Christmas Ornament Procurement services. The information is appropriate for those who are dealing with Polish Christmas ornaments the first time - ie: have no established relationship - and those who will order less than a container load of product at a time.

General information about procurement services is at Procurement Services.

Below are specific comments related to Polish Christmas ornaments.

Major retailers and distributors visit trade shows and factories to place their orders.

Because of the nature of the business, factories do not freely give out catalogs or price information. They sell from show rooms and trade show displays.


If you are not going to visit a trade show or show room, or are going to buy less than a full container load of ornaments, a procurement service is most definitely in order for you.

A procurement service generally knows what factories have particular products in stock, what factories can supply the particular type product that you want.

A procurement service located in Poland has a definite language advantage over most buyers.

A procurement service will have relationships with good manufacturers and can likely get you better prices and delivery times.

If you are ordering after June when the factories ship only from excess production, a procurement service can first find who has inventory and can visit the factory to hand pick your order.

A procurement service can arrange the best shipping for you.

Once again here is the link to procurment services.