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Christmas Ornament Stands

This page shows a series of pictures with custom made Christmas Ornament stands that are very useful for point of sale displays. The stands are for stores and showrooms.

christmas ornament stand

The stands shown are designed to show high quality Christmas ornaments at their best.

High quality Polish Christmas ornaments sell best when people can get up close and look at the detail. Note that the stands that are in this page are in a factory showroom. They found that having the ornaments in a box only cut their sales. When they put them on the stands they sell more of individual items and more styles.

To the right is a typical commercial Christmas ornaments and that is used in a wholesale showroom. This stand can also be used in a gift shop. It is very effective and displays Christmas ornaments very well.

If you look at the video below you will see other stands that you can build on your own with very little cost involved. And if you look at more of our videos you'll see other stands that merchants have built to display their Christmas ornaments.



The more you have the more you sell. People tend to get excited when they see a large and beautiful display. They buy on impulse. And that goes for wholesale as well as retail.

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