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Christmas Ornament Figures And Other Polish Hand Painted Ornaments.

christmas ornament collection

This page shows some of the more interesting and popular figures offered by this company. They are very high quality and sell very well to gift shops, boutiques, Christmas shops, home party networks, and up scale retailers. There are three other pages in this series that show samples of other Christmas Ornaments produced by this company. Information about those offered in the other pages are listed below. You are invited to look at all the pages.

You can have these Christmas ornaments packed in your own private labeled boxes. And you can have custom designs created that will be limited editions for your company.

This company stresses quality. The ornaments are hand blown and hand painted in the Old World tradition. They do not stress speed of production but rather the quality of the product. And they cater to a customer base that appreciates quality. They leave the low quality, low price market to the companies in the Far East. As they see it, the only competition that they have is from other companies in Poland that produce high quality ornaments.

The video below shows you the quality of the ornaments.



The ornaments come boxed in several ways. Some are single packed in a point of sales box with a clear top. Others are single packed in brown, corrugated boxes. And then some are packed 3, 6 or 12 to a box. Your packing requirements will be discussed at the time you enquire about an order.

If you desire private labeling, suggestions about the design of your packing box and a cost estimate for the boxes will be provided.

Factory Order Minimums

The factory direct minimum order of any single form is 75 units and $1,000 minimum total order. For prices and to contact a factory representative, go to this link Polish Product Information Center .

FBecause of the size of the files for each of the pictures, we have broken the information about these Christmas ornaments into four different pages. They are at Mazovian Silver Fruit, Mazovian Silver Forms Houses, Mazovian Silver Balls

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Distribute Polish Christmas Ornaments

Distributorships are available. Get information about selling Christmas ornaments wholesale and retail.

Buy Factory Direct

Get information about buying factory direct at Buy Christmas Ornaments Factory Direct



Christmas Ornament Procurement Service

Use this service if you are a first time buyer or want to buy less than the factory minimum directly from the factory.

General Information

Use the free information service to get your questions answered and to get special help. Polish Product Information Center