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Fruit And Figure Christmas Ornaments From Poland

This page shows a few, mainly fruit and figure ornament forms, of the many thousands of Christmas ornament forms that you can purchase. Other pages show santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, houses and more. They are linked at bit further in this page.

christmas ornament collecton

The company that makes these Christmas ornaments has over 6000 different designs and, beyond that, several color patterns in each design, in its catalog. Of the many thousands, they generally offer about 250 for production. And, of course, they produce more for companies with their own special designs.

These are a very high quality Christmas Ornament that enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. They are manufactured in Poland by a relatively small factory that focuses on quality rather then quantity. The factory has by design limited its size so that it can continue with its dedication to quality by staying small enough that management can provide close control over what goes out of the factory.

These ornaments are highly prized by collectors. Distributors in the United States sell to gift shops, Christmas shops, boutiques and high end retailers.

They are often supplied to distributors under private label. And under those private labels, they often provide custom designs.

The company prides itself on selling quality and its customer base is made up of people who understand that there is always room for quality.



Important Note

The information in this page concerns only one factory. It is provided to show you the typical quality of Polish ornaments. There are more factories in Poland supplying ornaments of such quality. We will help you find the factory that best suits your needs.

Factory Order Minimums

The factory direct minimum order for this factory of any single form is 75 units and $1,000 minimum total order.

Because of the number of ornaments offered by this factory, we have broken the information about these Christmas ornaments into four different pages. They are at Mazovian Silver Figures, Mazovian Silver Houses, Mazovian Silver Balls

Other Christmas ornaments can be found at the Christmas Ornments main page.

Here is a short video showing some fruit and figure Christmas ornaments.

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