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Christmas Ornament Houses And Other Polish Hand Made Glass Figures

christmas ornament collection

This factory produces over 6000 basic ornament forms and then paints them in many different patterns so that there is a very large selection, to say the least, from which you can choose. Here we give you some of the offer. Because of the size of the files for each of the pictures, we have broken the information about these Christmas ornaments into four different pages. They are at Mazovian Silver Forms Page 1 Mazovian Silver Forms Page 2 Mazovian Silver Balls Page 4

Most small retailers do best with the forms because they are so unique. The balls sell well, of course, but it is the forms that really attract attention. Experience shows that a mix of 3 forms to 1 ball on your shelves seems to be best. We do not include the egg ornaments in the ball category but rather in the form category.

Shipping costs a whole is a big factor in shaping Christmas ornaments.

Additionally the time when you order is extremely important. If you expect to get what you want you should order Christmas ornaments before June. Orders after that are shipped only occasionally and what you get is by the choice of the manufacturer.



The video below gives you a good feel for some of the ornaments in this category. It is but a shot in time and you have to get the latest catalogue from the manufacturer and once again, you have to order before June to be able to get your choice.

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High quality forms are collectors items. They sell well in high end settings. But that is not to ignore the home party circuit or outdoor markets and kiosks.

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Use this service if you are a first time buyer or want to buy less than the factory minimum directly from the factory.

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