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Polish Christmas Ornaments By Impuls

The Christmas ornaments made by Impuls are collectors' pieces and gift items. They are perfect for Christmas gifts, baby showers, employee gifts and any occasion when you would like an unusual gift item. These Christmas ornaments come in many standard patterns. You may, however, order custom made ornaments.

All Christmas balls and decorationsare hand blown and made to order. They are an up scale product that are particularly suited to year round sales in gift shops and in seasonal stalls in shopping malls.

A Note On Buying Christmas Ornaments

Some factories have higher order minimums than others. This factory is one of those with a fairly high order minimum. They prefer to work with distributors and large retailers.

Information about being a distributor and the opportunity is below.


In any case, we recomend strongly that you use a Christmas Ornament procurement service. Read Procurement Service.

Distribution opportunities are available.

There are many regions that can use local distributors. This link will give you information. Distribute Polish Christmas Ornaments