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Polish Christmas Ornaments By Silverado

Christmas Ornaments made by the Silverado Factory in Poland. The factory has over 6000 designs in its main catalog.

Because of the complexity of the designs and the quality controls necessary to produce these ornaments, the factory has minimum order requirements. So please do read the information in the link above and in particular how to avoid the factory minimums if you do not wish to order large quantities.

The factory is a relatively small one that concentrates on making high quality ornaments. They are dedicated to quality and have no desire to go into high mass production. They want to stay about the size that they are so that they can control quality better through direct supervision and quality control. As such, you are not likely to see these ornaments in large retailers in your local shopping malls.

You may have your own custom designs produced. The minimum order for any custom design is 1000 units. (There are other factories that will make fewer pieces for custom orders. You can see one at this link. Personalized Custom Christmas Ornaments )

Private labeling is available.

Distribute Polish Christmas Ornaments

Distributorships are available. Get information about selling Christmas ornaments wholesale and retail.

Buy Factory Direct

Get information about buying factory direct at Buy Christmas Ornaments Factory Direct



Christmas Ornament Procurement Service

Use this service if you are a first time buyer or want to buy less than the factory minimum directly from the factory.

General Information

Use the free information service to get your questions answered and to get special help. Polish Product Information Center