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Christmas Ornaments From Poland

Polish Christmas ornaments have a reputation for quality, design and craftsmanship. Christmas ornaments from Poland are as much collectors items as well as Christmas ornaments for the trees. Special packaging of Polish Christmas ornaments makes them also very attractive as corporate gifts.

The variety of Polish Christmas ornaments is enormous, running the gambit from cast to hand blown individual pieces. Custom made Christmas ornaments from Poland are also available.

Christmas ornaments are shipped in containers, by the pallet load and by the case. Individual Christmas ornaments can also be bought through the right locations.

Christmas ornaments from Poland can be custom made and used for fund raisers. For example, if your church wants to have a special ornament made, a picture of the church can be added to an ornament for you. Likewise a picture of a child can be added to an ornament.

Most factories start producing to order in January and February. By March, most factories are in full production for confirmed orders. Orders after that time are generally for smaller customers. Orders for product in September and later from factories are best made through distributors since the Christmas ornament factories are generally not able to finish new orders in time for delivery.

christmas ornaments
Christmas Ornament

Shipping becomes the limiting factor in many cases. The cost of the shipping in many cases exceeds the cost of the ornaments. Because they are fragile, the packing must be substantial. And if they are packed on pallets, the pallets cannot be stacked. So it is imperative that one consider shipping into the buying equation.

If you are a large buyer, you will probably visit one of the major shows that are attended by the manufacturers. But as a smaller buyer, you are likely to buy on line.

For small craft and specialty shops, experience shows that high end specialty collections from Poland are excellent choices. They can be sold all year round.

If you are interested in a small business, or a home business that you can run year round, these products are an excellent choice. A small shop that specializes in them can be a welcome addition in any tourist area. People are always looking for gifts. And a product with a picture of the tourist attraction will be a welcome change from the usual fare.

There are many Christmas Ornament factories in Poland. It is not possible for us to show all the pictures of their products. If you want catalogs and information, post your request with details about what you want and a factory representative will contact you. For prices, information about purchasing Christmas Ornaments, having your own product line developed or getting special products, please send us information by going here. Polish Product Information Center



For Small Orders

If you wish to buy by the case, go to this link.

Custom Christmas Ornaments - Use for fund raisers for your church, group, charity or to promote your business, lodge, or other organization.

Christmas Ornaments As Corporate Gifts - You can offer pieces of custom made art nicely packaged just for that company. These pieces go well all year round. There is also an added advantage in that once you build a customer base you will build a steady stream of orders without the expense of constantly trying to compete on the web for sales. You can look at corporate gifts at this link.

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