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Polish Hand Blown Christmas Ornaments, Balls and Decorations from Poland.

Polish artists make the highest quality Christmas ornaments in the world.

christmas ornament collection

Christmas ornaments from Poland occupy the second position in the world market for the number sold and the first position for quality. They are valued for their traditional high quality, artwork and unique decorations.

Exports to the US alone are worth 46 million zloty and the producers believe that they can improve on this. You are invited to offer Polish Christmas ornaments either as a retailer, wholesaler or distributor. In the links under these pictures we display some wonderful ornaments from companies with a long tradition of quality and reliability.

Please click on the link under each image to go to selection of Polish Christmas Ornaments and Decorations supplied by that company.

There are many more companies that supply ornaments. See our Catalog Directory





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Silver forms
Mazovian Silver One
collectors' pieces
Collector's Pieces
exotics silver forms
Mazovian Silver Two

silver forms three
Mazovian Silver Three
custom ornaments
Custom Personalized
mazovian four
Mazovian Silver Four
. small peacock ornament


Polish Christmas ornament factories are seeking distributors all over the world. For information about being a Christmas ornament distributor, go to Distributing Polish Christmas Ornaments

Buying Christmas Ornaments Factory Direct

Christmas Ornament factories have minimum order requirements. To help you we given you information about the minimum order requirements when you order directly from the factories and, at the bottom of the page, also offer you a very simple alternative to get around the factory minimums. Go To Christmas Ornaments Factory Direct


For catalogs, price list and information, please click here. Polish Product Information Center

Final Note

Major buyers visit factories and trade shows to buy. And they use procurment services. They know the value of having someone in country, who speaks the language, and who knows the business.

It is highly recommended that you use a Christmas ornament procurment service. Read about them at Christmas Ornament Procurement.