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Colored Crystal

This page discusses stocking colored crystal in a boutique or gift shop. It is added information from the page entitled Recommended Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques


Crystal Glasses

Colored crystal glasses are attractive and in some shops rather fast movers. The results in your shop, will, of course, be related to your customer base, but experience shows that you should have an inventory to keep your customers engaged.

Remember that the 80 - 20 rule applies. 80% of the product sells the other 20%. You need that 80% in order to sell the 20%.

The muti-colored wine glasses sell well when people are reminded that the colors make it easy for people to remember which glass is theirs.

That often triggers the sale of multi-colored tumbers and water glasses to people who want to give each of their party guests their own color.

Single color blue and green wine goblet sets also move well.

The minimum order is generally 10 sets.

If you are going to order the minimum, order a mix of multi-colored wine glasses, tumblers and one each of a green and blue colored set.



From the same factory that makes the colored glasses comes this hand cut and hand decorated decanter.

It is a gift for that man who has a place to show a nice piece of art. It is often displayed in offices as a prized gift.

A great corporate gift.

At least one, and because of shipping costs, two should be ordered.

Combine this with some colored glasses for best effect on your shelves.


Colored Vases And Baskets

The small baskets and vases, in red, blue and green are good to have on your shelves. Comparatively speaking, they are lower priced and your customers looking to hold down the price of a gift can get something distinctive without spending a lot.

The minimum order is generally 500 Euro.


If you would like information about the most popular pieces and a general price list, send email by clicking on our contact form. It would be best were you to include your shipping address so we can help with shipping cost information.


In all cases, even with low minimum orders, consider shipping. Read the information about shipping small orders here.