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Compensation Disclosure

This web page is maintained by the Poland Chamber, Inc., a non-governmental organization. ( For a definition of a non-governmental organization see Wikepedia Non-governmental Organization. ) It is not associated with any government and does not receive funding from any government or agency.

As an underlying social goal, this NGO encourages the formation of small business ventures and the development of international trade links by small business as a counter balance to the mega corporations that dominate government chambers of commerce and the world economy. As a way to achieve its goal, it provides free assistance for those interesed in dealing with Polish businesses and a vast amount of information about small business operations through this web site and a series of other web sites such as the Small Business Academy.

This NGO supports itself by selling books and information and by getting paid by advertisers either directly for placing their ads or by posting ads that contain affiliate links.

In some cases we are paid a fee when you click on an advertisement. In other cases we are paid a fee if you purchase something, such as a book from for example, after clicking on a link in our site. And then in some cases we are paid to have advertisements in this site.

In all cases, you do not pay any increased fees for products or services by reason of our advertising or promotion of products or services.

In some cases, like when we use third party advertising services that present context or other system based rotating advertisements, we have limited to no control over what advertisements you see. But we are still paid in some fashion by them.

Where we choose advertisements, we try to present products and services that we think are useful. But we make no representation and provide no warranties about the results that you will get. You are always advised to proceed with caution.

This is a promotion site. It promotes Poland, Polish business, Polish products and small business. It is unabashedly one big advertisement for Polish products and international trade - especially by small businesses.

And it provides a lot of free information in order to encourage you to start a business and/or deal with Poland or Polish products.

Be sure to read our Results Disclosure: The probability of your success in any profit making venture is low.

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