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How To Distribute Polish Crystal

A distributor is someone who sells products to wholesalers and retailers. International distributors act as trade facilitators and make a lot of money. International distribution is big business.

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You do not have to have a large inventory to be a distributor. You just need enough to satisfy the many small businesses that will come to you because they do not buy enought to meet factory minimums or enough to offset the costs of shipping on small orders.

In reality, you little more than a well stocked showroom that you can use as a catalog store. You take orders from customers, aggregate the orders and then bring in the product for them.

Of course, if you have sufficient capital, it is best to have a good inventory of product on hand. For a starting inventory, the factory can tell you what are the most popular products.



Here is a link to a page that shows a factory crystal showroom.

You can also distribute from an existing shop. Watch this video on Small Business Distribution.

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When considering a distribution business for crystal, factor the following into your thought process:

Factory minimums make it difficult for small companies to import product directly from the factory.

Shipping costs for small orders make it too expensive to import from factory jobbers.

Many regions are devoid of local distributors that can satisfy the local market.

You can add other products to your showroom that will create backend and return sales.

The factories will recommend to you the fastest movers and a starting inventory.

If you are interested in being a distributor, send email via Contact Form and give us a little information about where you are and what your ideas are about setting up your business or how you will add this to your existing business.