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Crystal Vases By Jan Lam

In the slide show below you see some examples of crystal vases made by the famous Polish crystal artist Jan Lam.

There is more information about Jan Lam and all the crystal art that he makes at Crystal By Jan Lam . You are invited to go there first to get an overview of all his products and to learn more about this famous crystal artist.

The crystal shown here is 24% lead crystal, hand formed and hand cut. It is unique and made only in small quantities in a studio staffed with people that pride themselves on top quality products.

Mr. Lam's creations are particularly well suited for boutiques and gift shops. And especially for shops that specialize in wedding gifts.

You are invited to look at the page that lists other products that are well suited for boutiques and gift shops. The link is Recommended Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques .

The video is, to save you time by making the page load faster in your browser, short and shows only a few of his creations. For more information, get the catalogs that are linked below.


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