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Crystal From Poland

polish crystal
Polish Crystal

Polish crystal is some of the most famous in the world. Polish crystal has been the favorite of Europeans for centuries. In the days when only the elite could enjoy crystal, people like the Czars chose crystal from Poland as the best available. And even today, you can see modern Polish art crystal in embassies and ambassadors residences around the world. Polish crystal is valued as a family treasure and is highly regarded for trophies and awards.

Polish crystal factories have a long tradition of high quality work. The most difficult crystal to make is hand formed, clear crystal. Polish crystal artists excel in making such fine crystal pieces.

Crystal from Poland takes, however, many forms. It ranges from fine crystal to exotic pieces made by world renowned crystal artists. In this crystal page you can find information about various crystal pieces available in Poland.



It is important to understand the process of ordering crystal. We suggest that you read the information at How To Order Crystal.

polish crystal catalogs

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Crystal Glasses From Zawiercie

This company is the main source of crystal glasses in Poland.

Colored Crystal Wine Glasses

In this page is a slide show of colored crystal wine glasses.They are hand hand cut in several different patterns.


Shot And Vodka Glasses In Polish Crystal

The video below scrolls you through a selection of shot and vodka glasses that are made of hand formed and hand cut Polish crystal.


Crystal Glass Beer Tankards

The beer glasses and tankards shown in this video page are high quality, hand formed and hand cut crystal glass made in Poland. They are available wholesale only from this factory.


Crystal Bar Glasses

In the video below you will see a selection of hand formed, hand cut bar glasses that are manufactured in Poland.


Award Wining Art Crystal

Polish crystal artists make some of the highest quality crystal in the world. In the slide show below you see a presentation of a few pieces of hand formed, hand cut and hand decorated crystal made by the award winning, world famous crystal artist Jan Lam.


Crystal Vases Lam

In the slide show you see some examples of crystal vases made by the famous Polish crystal artist Jan Lam.


Glasses by Lam

Shown in the video slide show are some examples of cut crystal glasses created by the famous Polish crystal artist Jan Lam.


Crystal Catalogs

For your convenience, you can download crystal catalogs at this link.



Hand Cut Crystal

An award winning crystal artist provides some of the finest hand cut crystal that can be had. This is fine crystal, hand cut in the old Polish tradition. If when you want fine crystal, you really want fine crystal, look at what this crystal artist has to offer.


Crystal Glasses

This section takes you to some unique crystal glasses. The colored crystal glasses are very popular pieces and you might consider them strongly for your shop.


Crystal of Distinction

Fine Crystal from a small factory. This factory makes crystal up to 1.8 meters tall. It has a fine selection of many different crystal pieces. This factory is very interested in new distributors.

Art Crystal

Beautiful hand cut work in crystal. The hand cut crystal that you find here is made by a world famous artist. Do be sure to look at this crystal.

Crystal Figurines

Crystal figurines are very popular and fast movers. They are also hard to get items. Under this link you will find an excellent collection of crystal figurines that you can buy wholesale directly from the manufacturer. They go well in any gift shop.

Classic Crystal

Some of the best crystal from one of the oldest crystal factories in the world. Their crystal was the choice of the Tsars.

Pressed Crystal

If you have a market for pressed crystal, this factory can help you with a fine pressed crystal product.

Crystal Eggs

Crystal eggs sell very well in gift shops. The crystal eggs here can also be specially made to be used on curtain rods for decoration.