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Crystal Eggs Wholesale

The cystal eggs described in this page are available wholesale only when ordered direcly from the factories in Poland.

Polish crystal is famous for its quality. And the crystal eggs made in Poland are made to the same quality standards as the hand formed crystal glasses for which Poland is so well known.

Crystal eggs are made to order only. And because they are a specialty item, the lead time from order to delivery can be a bit longer than one would expect for the order of more common products.

They are hollow. Because of their high quality, they are most suitable for ends of the best curtain rods.

polish crystal catalogs

There are about 10 standard patterns. You can have your own patterns made.

crystal egg

But do factor in that order minimums apply to both your own designs as well as the standard. And also factor into your buying decision that these are not sold on price. They are sold on quality.

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