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There are several sources of wholesale crystal vases in Poland. Each company that makes such vases makes them with unique benefits for you.

There are two general glasses of crystal. They are machine pressed and hand formed.

The machine pressed vases have the pattern pressed into the molten crystal and, as such, do not require the extra work of hand cutting the pattern into each piece. They are, therefore, less expensive.

And because crystal presses are expensive, not all crystal companies have them. So you must look to the very large manufacturers.

This page contains general information about Crystal vases. To contact a factory directly for information about Crystal vases, use this link. Procurement Services



If you are buying crystal from Poland for the first time, we recommend strongly that you use a procurement service. Information about procurement services is at this link. Free Information Service

The hand cut vases are offered by most all companies.

Pressed crystal is offered by "Zawiercie Crystal". Zawiercie
Huta Szkla Gospodarczego

Zawiercie is one of the largest crystal manufacturers in Poland. It manufactures for its own account and manufactures to order for other crystal companies.

It has a long history in Poland and is a major supplier of crystal to international markets as well.

Zawiercie also makes hand formed crystal vases.

Here are some slide shows of hand formed crystal vases made by several crystal companies with contact information to a factory representative.

Crystal Flower Vases

Crystal Vases By Art Lam


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