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Crystal Wine Glasses

Polish crystal wine glasses enjoy a worldwide reputation for quality. They have been treasured by Europeans for more than a century.

remer crystal wine glass

The main producer of crystal wine glasses in Poland is Zawiercie Crystal ( Zawiercie Huta Szkla Gospodarczego ). It produces not only its own line of glasses but also produces blanks and finished wine glasses for other Polish factories in Poland.

For example, colored wine glasses are made from Zawiercie crystal blanks. You can see them at Colored Crystal Wine Glasses.

You can see the Zawiercie glasses at Glasses From Zawiercie Crystal

If you are interested in selling crystal, please be advised that there are generally factory minimum order requirements that are typicallyi beyond the reach of small businesses.

Consider using one of the drop ship directories to get products on a one off basis. See Drop Ship Directories.



Some crystal artists use their own forms to make their own special lines. Their production is limited so they do not sell to major end users. You can see some examples of hand formed and custom made glasses at Art Crystal

If you are interested in distributing crystal, focusing on wine glasses to start gives you a unique opportunity to start with a high demand product.

If nothing else, there is a large glass replacement market. Stocking the more popular patterns and sets with replacement services offered will attract both retail and wholesale customers.

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