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Custom Christmas Ornaments

You may order custom made Christmas ornaments from factories in Poland. In this page we discuss some of the requirements that you must satisfy to get your ornaments made.

There are generally three type ornaments. They are glass, all occasion ornaments, Christmas balls and Christmas forms.

General Notes

You may have existing forms painted to your specification. That means you can have balls painted with your artwork or forms painted as you wish.

You may also have your own custom form created.

Generally if you are a new customer or are ordering less than 1,000 of any item, there will be a form charge.

If you represent a large, know wholesaler or retailer, or are ordering more than 1,000 of any item, the form charge will be waived. Form charges range from 100 to over 1,000 Euro, depending on the design.

If you only want some words painted on an existing form, the form charge is likely to be waived.

The minimum form charge will generally be 100 Euro. That form charge includes the artwork design.

You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit prior to any work being done on your project. The full form charge will be payable before the ornament goes to production.

Custom ornaments will be priced generally from 4 Euro on up to well over 100 Euro. These are approximate numbers and can be higher or lower.

How To Get A Quotation

Start by submitting a Request For Quotation with as much detail as possible about quantities and generaly what you want. What size ball or form, the number, and give a general idea about what artwork you want.

If you want a logo on the ornament, you must submit a picture in CDR (corel draw) format so the company can see the exact color scheme. That will affect cost.

A manufacturer's representative will contact you if the project looks interesting. That generally means if you put detail into the Request For Quotation.

May we suggest strongly, however, that you use a Christmas Ornament Procurement Service.

Delivery Times

The Christmas production season ends for manufacturers in the June July time frame. Any requests after that time will be looked at for the current year but generally considered for the next year.

The delivery time on the dock for shipping is 30 to 90 days from the date you make the required advance payment. You must then add shipping.