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Decorated Wood Boxes

Poland is a major supplier of decorated wood boxes. This page gives you information about ordering wood boxes wholesale.

There are two supply chains for wood boxes in Poland.

The first is manufactuerers who produce standard patterns and who rely on machines as much as possible to make the boxes.

The second is traders/manufacturers who order production from carvers who work in their homes and carving sheds. They decorate the boxes according to patterns supplied by the trader/manufactuer.

The wooden boxes in this page fit into the second category.

All boxes on this page are hand made to order. The decorations are provided in pattern form and the carvers cut them into the wood by hand. So each decoration is slightly different.

Boxes made by both processes are high quality.

Custom work is available. You can order from one custom box up. But do understand, that one custom made box will be expensive.

To order or get a quotation, please list the boxes that you would like to order, the amount of boxes, and your shipping address. We will send you a quotation that includes the shipping costs. At that time we can make any final adjustments.


wooden box 1
wooden box 12
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Send your order or request for quotation or for any information about these products, please complete the information at Free Information Service.