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Decorative Globes

decorative globe

The decorative globes in this page are high quality, hand formed and hand colored glass from the Krosno region of Poland. The globes listed here are used as hanging planters, pond floaters and patio, trellis and plant and shrubbery hangers. Gazing globes and decorative waterers are in other pages in this web site.

Decorative Globe Floaters Or Hangers -

These 9 cm (3.6") and 12 cm (4.8") diameter balls have a glass loop to which you can attach an anchor so that they can be placed just where you want them in your pond. Pond floats add wonderful color to any water arrangement and are excellent sellers.

They can also be hung from trellises, trees or plants. Use them to add color in a rock garden or on a garden border.

These globes are also often used to decorate patios.

They are one of those sayings that is unique and just as a little color to a garden, patio, or garden patio pool.

These are available wholesale only and sell extremely well at garden centers.

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Decorative Globe Hanging Planters

decorative globe 2

To the right is a glass, hanging planter. It is a special form of garden gazing globe. There are openings that allow you to add soil and plants. Some people use them as bird feeders. They come in many colors.

The colors on the planters are made by fusing colored glass onto the base glass form. When they fuse they become part of the planter and do not peel off like the paint does on painted glass. So you do not have to worry about weather affecting the beauty of your planter.



Glass Pine Cones

decorative globe 1decorative globe 3

Though not decorative globes per say, pine cones actually fit the category. These glass pine cones (12 cm, 4.8") can also be set in hanging arrangements in trellises, or on iron holders placed throughout your garden.

They come in many colors.



All globes come directly from the factory in Poland and are sold wholesale only.

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