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Display Amber

This page shows some examples of how to display Natural Baltic Amber. The displays shown are those used by some successful sellers. They range from Kiosks to tents.

amber catalogs

In the video below are some pictures of actual Amber displays.

These pictures were chosen because they are Amber displays that were put up by companies that were selling Amber very successfully.

You will note that all of the displays are very simple. What they do have in common is that they have a large selection of Natural Baltic Amber necklaces from which people can choose.

Though more you show people, the more they will dig through the displays, and the more they will buy.

If you would like static images of any of these displays, please contact us and we will get them for you.

Additionally, we often have more views of a given display that we have shown here.


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For a detailed white paper on how to sell Amber wholesale and retail, get a copy of the Amber catalogs.

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