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Be A Free Lance Distributor

You are offered the opportunity to be a freelance distributor for high quality, unique products from Poland.

pocket watch

Companies want distributors and you and be a distributor as a freelancer.

Freelancing takes many forms. In freelancing is extremely popular. It is so popular that you can build to freelance web sites and either bid on freelance jobs or you can find people to work for you on a freelance basis.

The website that we use to find freelancers, and where you can sign up as a freelancer is under this link. oDesk

Having said that you have freelance opportunities with products from Poland

As a freelancer you essentially look for in the and then fill that need.

In essence, you become a wholesale drop shipper.

You can operate by selling container loads or you can aggregate orders and use a distribution company that will break the orders down at one of their fulfillment warehouses for you.


There is no investment required and you are not required to make any purchases.

Though experienced people are preferred, you do not have to have experience or be in business now to pursue this opportunity.

Freelance Distributors are wanted for Boleslawiec Polish pottery, crystal, amber and silver jewelry, hand formed Christmas ornaments, watches and salt lamps.

You can find what distributors are wanted for Polish products by going to Master Distribution Opportunities.

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