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A review of useful drop ship directories and how to use them.

There are several drop ship directories available on the market. This page lists those directories that have been found to be most useful. Each of them has its benefits and unique features. Each of them will do well by you.

drop shipping

If you are just starting out in the drop shipping business, we recommend strongly that you start with a drop ship directory. The directories police the listings so that you don't get hurt by scams. Be careful. Use a directory until you know the ropes. Even after you know the ropes, you will probably use one. We still do because a directory is a great primary source of information that you can't get anywhere else.

Actually, we consider a drop ship directory as an essential product to have in our business library not only for finding products, but for planning as well.

You cut out the middleman when you use a drop ship directory. And doing that can make a big difference in your profits. Your profit increase will more than pay the costs of a directory. You can read Are Drop Ship Directories Worth The Money


You go to the Drop Ship Directories and find the source. When you do that, you get the best price. Not only can you undercut prices for people selling Amazon products on eBay and their own sites, you can list your newly found products on Amazon.

To help you, here is a review of a few sources of products that will be drop shipped to your order.

You pay to use each of these services. In making your own final judgement, you must balance the entry cost against the total cost and the price levels of products offered by the service. And you must also factor in the support and training.

For example, you might find that when you are offered a free trial followed by a monthly payment, the total you pay over a year is more, sometimes much more, that one that you have to pay for up front.

There is no doubt that there are benefits to a free trial, especially if you are new to the business and are not sure that you can make it work.

My advice is to Model The Masters. Do what the experienced, successful, savvy internet marketers do.


Having said that:

World Wide Brands

The top recommendation is the World Wide Brands Drop Ship Directory.

The upfront entry cost is a bit higher than other programs, but the value is there.

Not only is the list of drop ship suppliers large and unmatched by anyone else, the training package and support are fantastic.

They have millions of products available.

They have a money back guarantee plan. So if you are worried and want a guarantee, you might as well take the best product and start with it.

Here is a link to a demo of their product search engine. Search For Products To Drop Ship

Click on the image to the right to look at some very useful - and free - books about starting a business on the internet. It gives you a glimpse of the training materials that they offer.

Go directly to World Wide Brands







Direct Drop Ship Product Suppliers

There are some drop ship suppliers that offer the products instead of giving you direct access to the suppliers.

Compare - With a drop ship supplier, you have a single source and are locked into a single price . With a drop ship directory you have many sources and can find more products and search for the best prices.

But some people, beginners especially, prefer a single source because in some ways it is easier that going to many different sources.

The prices of products that you buy through them may not be the lowest because you may not be directly at the source as you would be with a Drop Ship Directory.

Service is provided on a monthly basis. Often there are trial periods. And money back guarantees.

However at the end of the year, you will find that you paid a lot more than the price of either World Wide Brands or SaleHoo.

And here is another thought.

If you, cancel your service, everything you listed has to be delisted. On eBay that is no real problem. But if you are going to sell on Amazon, or your own site, you will have done a lot of work that you have to work to undo.

With that in mind:



EzDropshipper is a good starting choice. It has a low cost trial period, and the monthly fees are not out of line.

After a couple months it will be more expensive than SaleHoo. So SaleHoo is a better choice financially. And SaleHoo has more products, etc.



Doba is big and well promoted. They have a free trial. They do not show the monthly costs until after you sign up for the free trial.

Many people use them. They have a good reputation and many products.

There are many levels of service and all extra services are paid upgrades. You can definitely pay much more than you would have with either World Wide Brands or SaleHoo.

But people use them and like them. So they must think that the value is there.