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Drop Ship Directory

What to look for in a drop ship directory, how to evaluate drop ship directories, and some reviews.

drop ship guide

A good drop ship directory, or drop ship program, can be worth untold numbers of dollars in increased profits and definitely much more than you pay for the service.

Experienced marketers consider a drop ship directory an essential tool. Many have more than one.

In fact they often own several because to stay competitive they are always trying:

  • to figure out what products to bring to the marketplace,

  • to find products with low competition and high profit margin,

  • to find a sustainable source of inventory,

  • to find what's new in sourcing online.

And the directory editors are constantly upgrading their products to give these marketers what they need.




The features of a good directory.

A good one contains the names and contact information for companies that drop ship their products to your customers for you.

The drop shippers in the directory are usually one of two types: 1) They are the manufacturer, or 2) They are an import distributor with a warehouse.

Companies in these two groups are a key business ingredient when it comes to supplying and shipping product to your customers without you carrying the inventory.

If this information is included in a top of the line directory, you can expect that:

They offer you the lowest wholesale pricing.

They are able to ship single quantity items to your customers.

They do not require minimum orders and will not ask you to pay any association fees.

We have reviews of several other drop ship suppliers at this link. Directories Reviews

But to save you time, this is the top recommendation.


World Wide Brands

The top recommendation is the World Wide Brands Drop Ship Directory.

The up front entry cost is a bit higher than other programs, but the value is there.

Not only is the list of drop ship suppliers large and unmatched by anyone else, the training package and support are fantastic.

They have millions of products available.

They have a money back guarantee plan. So if you are worried and want a guarantee, you might as well take the best product and start with it.

Here is a link to a demo of their product search engine. Search For Products To Drop Ship

Click on the image to the right to look at some very useful - and free - books about starting a business on the internet. It gives you a glimpse of the training materials that they offer.

Go directly to World Wide Brands


Reviews of several other drop ship suppliers at this link. Directories Reviews