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14 Alternatives to eBay for Marketplace Sellers

Good places to sell online instead of Ebay.

eBay continues to dominate the Internet as a premiere online auction and marketplace. Even with hundreds of millions of registered users, over $16 billion in revenue, and consistent year-over-year growth, many are really not happy with the platform citing high seller fees, intense competition, fraudulent activity, weak markets, and poor customer service. We’re going to take a look at several alternatives for online sellers.


1. ArtFire

ArtFire is an online marketplace focused on crafts, craft supplies, vintage goods, and fine art. Unlike eBay, sellers pay no fees unless they choose to open a Pro account. There are several helpful features to the site including SEO tools, a coupon feature, and Google Analytics integration. Artfire also has a solid reputation for good customer service and site management.


2. Bonanza

Its 2 million or so listings pales in comparison to eBay’s volume, but growth is strong and its user interface has a very similar feel as eBay (making it simple for those familiar to eBay). Amongst the biggest draws is its very simple fee structure: buying is free, posting items for sale is free; all fees are collect post-sale using five basic fee tiers.


3. CQ out

CQ out (pronounced ‘seek you out’) has been running since 1999. To set up an online auction account as a seller, you pay a one-time verification charge of $3.22 so that the site can verify your identity. There are no upfront listing fees to sell your items and if an item fails to sell on the first try, you can re-list it as many times as you want at no extra charge. Sellers pay a commission when an item is sold.


4. eBid

eBid offers several merchant programs including, auctions, fixed- price transactions, and storefronts. The platform is a Google Shopping Marketplace Partner and it is the second most popular site in the UK, with over four million auctions running in more than 11,000 categories. It boasts a combination of low fee structures, thriving forums and quality customer support. eBid also has local sites in over 20 countries making it appealing for international sellers.



eCRATER offers a free web store builder and an online marketplace. Sellers can post a listing and leave it permanently – since there are no listing fees based on the length of time your listing runs, there is no such thing as re-listing. Listed items are also submitted to Google Product Search and sellers can also import their products from eBay.


6.  iOffer

iOffer supports both an auction format as well as fixed price transactions. Sellers automatically receive a storefront when they upgrade to a seller account. The store and all listings are free, and they will only pay a fee when items are sold.


7. Newegg

Newegg started as an online retailer for computer hardware and software, but has since expanded into more categories and now invites third party sellers to take part in the marketplace. Categories include: Apparel & Accessories, Arts and Crafts, Auto & Hardware, Baby, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Home and Living, Toys, and Jewelry, among others.


8. features a low monthly membership fee, no listing or re-listing fees, and no sales commissions and sellers can post personal website information with every listing. Online Auction has one of the cheapest fee structures around and a steadily growing visitor rate.


9. is a niche online marketplace like eBay that specializes in baby, kids, and maternity products. According to, there are more than 10,000 unique products listed on the site at any time and users can buy, sell, and even directly swap items through their website.


10.  TaoBao was founded in 2003 by Alibaba. It is the most popular online shopping store in China, and fees are cheaper than Ebay. For Chinese sellers, this is likely the best alternative to eBay. For international sellers, might we suggest Google Translate?


11. TIAS

TIAS offers fixed price transactions in antiques, collectibles, arts and crafts, and jewelry. The platform also provides sellers with various store formats as several levels of customer support. TIAS does have a minimum fee requirement, but if a seller’s TIAS commissions are higher than the minimum fee, then only the commission is paid.



With over six million active members, Ubid is a popular eCommerce site that offers a wide range of over 5 million products (brand new, used, and refurbished) in dozens of categories including: consumer electronics, computers, home and garden, and jewelry. Just like eBay, these goods are sold directly by uBid and its pool of certified third-party merchants through auction listings or fixed-price listings.


13. Webstore

Webstore has no fees for buying and selling. The website is user friendly, making it easy for you to sell your merchandise. Since Webstore receives profits from advertisements, you will need to deal with ads constantly.


14. Webidz

Webidz has moderators that help with any conflict that arises. Webidz security make sure that there are minimum risks with sales and purchases. Webidz allows you to place your products in more than one category, making potential buyers more accessible to find your product. Webidz does not have a large membership base.



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