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Be An eBay Product Supplier

People want to sell on eBay. They need products. And there are many products that they could sell but to which they do not have access. Had they a supplier, they would sell.

You can make money by filling their need for product to sell on eBay.

Let others do the work for you. You provide the product and they provide the time and effort to sell it. The concept is simple. You provide product to people who want to sell on eBay and the other free advertising services. They sell it, buy it from you and you send it to the buyer.

By making product available, you immediately build a sales force of eBay sellers. The more you have seling for you, and the more product you have, the more you turn your inventory.

If you have a shop or warehouse with inventory, supplying eBay sellers becomes an addtional profit center for you. It is just a matter of offering to ship for the sellers.

And if you are looking to start a business, setting up is fairly easy. It is just a matter of finding a fulfillment house to care for your inventory and to do the shipping for you.

There are some videos that are applicable to setting up to supply eBay products. Here are the links.

How To Start A Distribution Business

This gives you the basics of distribution. Apply this information in the sense that eBay sellers are your sales force.

Small Business Distribution

More information about distribution.

How To Use A Fulfillment House

A fulfillment house offers you the opportunity to avoid hiring employees and to get full services without making investment.