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eBay Is A Buyer's Search Engine

eBay is a buyers search engine and a sellers marketing tool. Savvy marketers know that in addition to being in all the named search engines, they should be in eBay because it sends them customers who are looking to buy.

These marketers are not interested in making a profit on eBay. They use it to advertise - and very inexpensively at that - to get customers to their web sites.

Thousands upon thousands of people spend a lot of time trying to sell on eBay and they make little or no profit. And they don't understand why.

It is because they are competing with people who know

checkMajor distributors put up products with no intention at all of making a profit. They sell at a loss and consider the loss as part of their advertising program and path to getting power seller status.

checkSmall businesses get customers to their web sites by selling below cost. The establish a customer client relationship and then make back end sales to that client and its referrals.

checkFactories and distributors sell at a loss to find retailers and to build distribution networks.

checkeCommerce marketers use the About Me page to draw people to their company web site.

checkSome list first quality pieces as second quality to establish a customer base.

checkFactories sell at a loss to establish their brands and build a customer base.

chekccheckSavvy Marketers - and that includes small businesses, individuals making good money, factories, distributors, drop shippers and so on - use eBay classifieds with DEVASTATING effect.

The numbers are startling.

2 out of 3 people use the internet for research and then the buy off line. And they most often buy from local businesses.

And when they are interested in buying, they go to eBay first. They use the other search engines for information. But to check prices, they go to eBay and Amazon.

You can reach all these people using the techniques checked above.

And for an overall view of all the techniques mentioned above read Silent Sales Machine.